chris and ren

Chris and I met January 2009 at BYU while getting our EMT certifications. We quickly fell in love and were married a short time later on August 15th, 2009.

After graduating BYU, we moved to Chandler, Arizona to begin a new chapter. We bought a fix-me-up house and got a very friendly black labrador named Kodi!

Although we are both very busy, we try to find time to make new memories and blog about them as often as we can!

Chris’ 28th Birthday, Paisers come to vist, & Skydiving


Chris turned 28 this year!  Where has time gone?  We are currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona while Chris is attending Nursing School @ Northern Arizona University (NAU).  **More on living in Flagstaff here** This year we celebrated his birthday with our good friends Kyle & Kim Paiser in town from Utah!!  On Friday we all went shooting before Chris had to leave for Clinicals at Flagstaff Medical Center (FMC). He got off early because it was(read more)

Vegas 4th of July 2014


Chris and I are currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona while Chris is going to Nursing school at NAU.  We decided to make a quick jaunt over to Vegas for the 4th of July because Chris’s sister Stacie and his brothers wife Julie were in town with their kids.  We enjoyed playing with the cousins, endless games of yahtzee, setting off fireworks, seeing our good friends Bret & Britni Favero, and riding the High Roller on the strip!(read more)

2013 Christmas Card


What a busy busy year it has been for us both!  Here are the top 10 highlights of 2013 1. Ren was accepted into her Masters Program studying Hospital Administration at A.T. Still University! 2. Chris has been working 3 jobs & in school taking 17 credits!! (He got a 4.0!!) 3. We had 4 beautiful puppies born in June (New Born Pics HERE) and sadly we sold them to amazing homes in August (Goodbye Pics(read more)

Thanksgiving 2013


This year we had a relaxed holiday hanging out with my family.  My uncle Steffan & his fiancé Polly came into town, we ate the fantastic annual dinner at Rustlers Rooste, shot off rockets at the park, had basketball tournaments in the backyard, played a new board game Dominion, and the boys had their ultimate nurf wars again!!  The day after thanksgiving we went out west to the Glendale Arena to watch my high school Mountain(read more)

Prince Royce Concert


I got a text early one morning last week from my BFF Taylor saying her friend is sick and needs someone to go with her to this concert…the catch…it will all be in spanish!  WHY NOT!  It was down at the State Fair so we walked around, ate food, people watched, then went to see Prince Royce!  He was like a Hispanic Justin Bieber and was really good!!

Beautiful October Morning “Shootout”


Chris bought a new gun for his birthday and has been dying to take it out. Alex and Jax stayed the night at our house last night, then we headed out to the Superstition Mountains to do some shooting. We set up our big eazy-up canopy and played for 4 straight hours!!  We hit eggs, dollar store barbies, lollipops, clay pigeons, plastic dinosaurs, water filled milk jugs, and pop cans. Jax had a hard time with(read more)

Saying Good Bye to the Puppies


After 8 weeks of sleepless nights, endless poop clean up, smelly house, ripped up carpet, destroyed base boards, stained towels, and 2 almost drownings in pool….It was so hard to say good bye. In a matter of 8 weeks they, opened their tiny eyes, learned to walk, grew to 7-10lbs, started to actually bark,  and were almost potty trained!  These puppies were so dang smart – they definetly took after their daddy!!  I miss them every(read more)

Puppy Update


 Our babies are getting so big I can’t even believe it! They are running around and eating real food! Mommy dog has gone home and Kodi can finally play with the babies  As the picture shows below he lays down and the puppies play all over him! 

4th of July in Utah 2013


The Puppies are getting SO big SO fast!!  I am going to miss them so much when we sell them in a few weeks We had to say goodbye to them for a few days while we went to Salt Lake City for 4th of July.  Thank goodness my friend Taylor stayed at our house to take care of these little babies.  They also opened their eyes while we were gone, I was sure sad to miss that!….HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!(read more)

We have….PUPPIES!


This is Koda & Kodi. Koda is a 3 year old chocolate female lab who we met through some friends, they live in a small apartment so we decided to have the puppies at our house.  Kodi is our 2 year old pure bread black lab. Koda gave birth the day after my birthday, June 19th 2013 to 8 adorable black lab puppies & ONE yellow lab baby girl.  After unexpected circumstances we ended up with(read more)